6 Reasons To Join A Fraternity/Sorority

6 Reasons To Join A Fraternity/Sorority

1. Leadership
Fraternities and sororities push their members to become the best they can be and to be involved in campus and community life. This means being involved in student politics, organizing events and other things of the sorts which all comes down to making you a better leader. Each member is helped in discovering his strengths and weaknesses which they then develop to reach their full potential.

2. Community Service
Joining a fraternity or sorority will mean doing community service be it by organizing fundraisers or donating their time for community projects. Being part of community service is a great way to boost your resume and get to know your fellow men better. It is also a good thing for your self-esteem as helping your community is an honorable thing to do.

3. Friendship
It is a well-known fact that people who join fraternities and sororities make great friends while with their chapter. This leads to many lifelong friendships and connections which can help out your career or other aspects of your life. There will always be a friend when you need one, which is a great reason to join up.

4. Grades
Most chapters will have designated study hours during which you will expect to study your class materials or work on homework or projects. Most chapters also require you to keep up a certain GPA to be a member. This will make you strive for excellence and your grades will surely reflect that. It is no surprise that most fraternity or sorority members actually receive better grades and do better in school than their non-Greek counterparts.

5. Scholarship
Many fraternities and sororities have scholarship programs meant to benefit those who do well in school or who do not have enough money. Greek organizations value their degree of seeking members.

6. Athletics
Most Greek chapters participate in intramural sports in which people of all proficiency levels can compete for fun and competition. There are many sports to choose from so you will probably find one that you are interested in. This is a great way to stay healthy and have fun at the same time.

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